Debra Kang Dean maintains the content on this website. She and Brad were married for almost thirty years. The author of three collections of poetry, she currently lives in Indiana with their two cats. 

Mark Mosher designed this website and has contributed his time to implement that design. He continues to offer ideas, advice, and technical support for the overall framework and development of this site. Brad and Mark first met in 1997; in 2003, Brad officiated Mark’s wedding. Mark lives in Colorado with his wife and two children.

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT:  Copyright for texts on this website are held by the authors of those texts unless otherwise noted. They are used by permission.  Please do not reproduce any part of this site, texts or images, without the first securing permission.  Use the “Questions/Comments?” link to contact us.

CREDITS: The photograph of Brad on the masthead was taken by Scot Miller of Carrollton, Texas.  Photographs of the Remembrance were taken by Abigail Rorer.  Photographs at Thoreau's bean field were taken by David Dean, Debra K. Dean, and Abigail Rorer.



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